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Today's Racing - Track Odds and Results

We have betting today from all the tracks below. Click on the track names to get live betting odds straight from the track as well as results and payouts. Please note most data is not available until 90 minutes before racing starts at the track.

Date Program Name Current Race MTP Post Time
05 Sep 20Oaks/derby Future Db20--
28 May 20Australia H219923:12
28 May 20Australia-a19921:40
28 May 20Australia-b19921:55
28 May 20Australia-c19922:10
28 May 20Australia-d19922:25
28 May 20Australia-h119922:20
28 May 20Charles Town19919:00
28 May 20Clairefontaine1305:10
28 May 20Derby Lane Matinee19912:30
28 May 20Edgewater Matinee 119912:00
28 May 20Edgewater Matinee 219916:00
28 May 20Graignes19910:35
28 May 20Iowa Greyhound Eve19917:30
28 May 20Lyon-parilly1999:50
28 May 20Meslay Du Maine1996:25
28 May 20Pbkc Summer Mat19913:00
28 May 20Remington Park Qh19919:00
28 May 20Scioto Downs19918:30
28 May 20St. John`s Night19919:45